In 2012 we set aside our leather pants to write and perform the play Clowns, which premiered at the Dublin Fringe Festival. The story of three beleaguered children's entertainers battling poverty, repetitive strain injuries and creative differences; the play drew on our experiences of touring, arguing and taking a ludicrous job incredibly seriously. It was nominated for the Fishamble New Writing Award

In June 2017, after a few rounds of script development, we were awarded production funding by the Irish Film Board (now Screen Ireland) to turn the play into our second feature film. Directed by George Kane (Timewasters, Flack), and produced by Fastnet Films (Black 47, Life’s A Breeze). Send in the Clowns is currently in preproduction, so we can’t tell you too much about it yet. 

We will be documenting the process (the interesting bits anyway) on our Instagram page, so you can follow us there for more info. 

Invigoratingly hilarious... Enough quick-fire gags and belly laughs to make the best clown cry with envy.
— The Irish Times